Zoma Mattress Review

Scott White
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The Zoma Mattress is a specialized sleep solution designed for individuals prioritizing muscle recovery and restful sleep. Crafted with innovative Triangulex™ Gel Memory Foam technology, it offers targeted support, aiding in muscle repair and alleviating pressure points. With an emphasis on cooling and adaptive support, this mattress is tailored to active lifestyles, ensuring a revitalizing and comfortable sleep experience. Boasting durability, temperature regulation, and targeted muscle recovery, the Zoma Mattress is an ideal choice for those seeking a mattress that aligns with their active lifestyle needs.


Offers an impressive range of comfort experiences, ensuring there's a perfect match for all sleep styles and preferences. This customization helps to accommodate pressure areas and cater to various sleeping positions, enhancing overall comfort.

Ensures top-notch edge support in their mattresses. Their robust design can endure long hours of pressure, making it a brilliant choice for those who spend considerable time sitting on the bed's edge.

This model offers more pressure relief compared to its predecessor. It's an excellent choice for those suffering from chronic pain, providing restful, restorative sleep.

Our Recommendation

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May feel too firm for those seeking a plush feel

Minimal bounce, may not suit those preferring more springiness

May be considered pricey compared to basic mattress options


Provides targeted support for muscle recovery

Excellent temperature regulation

Enhanced durability and stability

The Zoma Mattress is a premium, performance-focused mattress designed to optimize sleep and recovery for active individuals. Crafted by sleep experts and athletes, Zoma focuses on providing targeted support and recovery for muscles, aligning with the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Using innovative technologies such as Triangulex™ Gel Memory Foam and Reactiv™ Foam, this mattress aims to promote restorative sleep by relieving pressure points, facilitating muscle recovery, and maintaining a cool sleeping surface. Zoma prides itself on its commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through quality sleep, making it an appealing choice for those prioritizing both physical recovery and restful slumber.

Get Zoma Mattress if...

  • Enhanced Recovery: Zoma's unique design targets muscle recovery, promoting a restful sleep that aids in post-workout rejuvenation.
  • Advanced Cooling Technology: The mattress employs cooling features to regulate temperature, perfect for hot sleepers or those in warmer climates.
  • Superior Pressure Relief: With targeted zones and adaptable foam, Zoma offers exceptional pressure relief, ideal for anyone seeking relief from joint or back discomfort.

Skip Zoma Mattress if...

  • Limited Firmness Options: Zoma's firmness might not suit every preference, especially if you're looking for a wider range of firmness levels.
  • Heavy Motion Isolation: While great for isolating movement, this might hinder ease of movement for some sleepers or make it challenging to switch sleeping positions.
  • Specific Sleep Type: If you're not an athlete or someone focused on recovery, Zoma's specialized features might not be fully utilized, making it less optimal for general sleep needs.


  • Enhanced Recovery: Designed specifically for athletes or individuals seeking improved recovery, offering targeted support and rejuvenation.
  • Advanced Pressure Relief: Provides excellent pressure relief, especially beneficial for those with joint or muscle discomfort.
  • Cooling Technology: Incorporates cooling materials to regulate temperature and prevent overheating during sleep.
  • Motion Isolation: Effectively isolates movement, minimizing disturbances for partners sharing the bed.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term performance.


  • Limited Firmness Options: Zoma offers only one firmness level, which might not cater to everyone's preferred sleep comfort.
  • Specialized Design: Tailored for athletes and focused on recovery, it may not suit those looking for a more general-purpose mattress.
  • Perceived Firmness: Some users might find the mattress to be too firm, especially for those who prefer softer sleeping surfaces.

Comfort & Firmness

The Zoma Mattress offers a balanced combination of comfort and firmness, striking a harmonious middle ground that caters to various sleep preferences. Engineered with specialized foam layers, it provides a medium level of firmness, which generally appeals to a wide range of sleepers, particularly those seeking ample support without sacrificing comfort. The mattress is designed to cradle the body gently, providing enough contouring to relieve pressure points while ensuring proper spinal alignment. This blend of comfort and support makes it well-suited for individuals looking for a mattress that offers both cushioning and stability, fostering a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Construction Key Points

The construction of the Zoma Mattress is a testament to its focus on performance and recovery. Comprised of three specialized foam layers, it starts with the top layer of Triangulex™ Gel Memory Foam. This layer is engineered to provide targeted pressure relief and cooling, aiding in muscle recovery and reducing discomfort. The second layer, Reactiv™ Foam, enhances responsiveness and support, ensuring the spine remains properly aligned throughout the night. The base layer, Support+, reinforces the mattress structure, providing lasting durability and foundational support. This thoughtful construction combines advanced foam technologies to offer a balanced and supportive sleep surface conducive to restful sleep and muscle recovery.

Sleep Temperature

The Zoma Mattress prioritizes a cool and comfortable sleep experience through its innovative design. Featuring Triangulex™ Gel Memory Foam in its top layer, the mattress actively dissipates heat and promotes airflow, preventing heat buildup during the night. This specialized foam, infused with cooling gel, works to regulate body temperature, ensuring a cooler surface conducive to restful sleep. The construction also focuses on promoting breathability and airflow, allowing for efficient heat dispersion and creating an environment suitable for those prone to overheating or hot sleeping conditions. Overall, the Zoma Mattress strives to maintain a cool and comfortable sleep temperature, supporting a more restorative sleep experience.


The Zoma Mattress is ingeniously designed with three distinct layers to provide optimal comfort and support. The top layer features Triangulex™ Gel Memory Foam, uniquely engineered to target pressure points, cradle the body, and regulate temperature through its cooling gel infusion. This layer aims to offer immediate relief, aiding in muscle recovery during sleep. Below lies the Reactiv™ Foam layer, specifically engineered for responsiveness and support. It ensures the spine stays properly aligned by swiftly responding to movements while offering consistent support throughout the body. Finally, the Support+ base foam layer provides durability and stability, ensuring the mattress retains its shape and support for extended periods. This thoughtful layering system creates a balanced and supportive sleep surface, conducive to restful sleep and muscle recovery.

Back Support

The Zoma Mattress is meticulously crafted to prioritize exceptional back support, aiming to alleviate pressure points and maintain proper spinal alignment. Its specialized design, including the Reactiv™ Foam layer and the Support+ base foam layer, works in tandem to provide targeted support to the back. The Reactiv™ Foam layer offers responsive support, adapting to various sleeping positions and movements throughout the night, ensuring the spine stays properly aligned. This feature aids in minimizing discomfort and strain on the back, contributing to a more restorative sleep experience. The mattress's construction emphasizes supporting the lumbar region and evenly distributing weight, aiming to reduce the risk of waking up with aches or pains, particularly in the back area. Overall, the Zoma Mattress focuses on promoting healthy spinal alignment and delivering comprehensive back support for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Sagging & Edge Support

The Zoma Mattress boasts remarkable durability and edge support, minimizing sagging and ensuring a consistent sleep surface across the entire mattress. Its construction features a sturdy Support+ base foam layer, designed to maintain the mattress's shape and integrity over time. This layer extends support to the edges, preventing excessive sinking or deformation, which can commonly occur in mattresses with inadequate edge support. Additionally, the innovative design minimizes sagging by evenly distributing weight and reinforcing the perimeter, providing a stable and supportive surface, even when near the edges. This meticulous attention to edge support enhances the overall durability of the mattress, ensuring a more robust and long-lasting sleep surface for users.

Motion Isolation

The Zoma Mattress excels in isolating motion, making it an ideal choice for couples or individuals who prioritize a disturbance-free sleep experience. Crafted with specialized materials like memory foam and the Reactiv™ Foam layer, this mattress effectively absorbs and minimizes motion transfer. When one person moves or shifts position during sleep, the mattress contours to their body, reducing the transmission of movement across the surface. This feature is particularly advantageous for those sharing the bed, as it diminishes disruptions caused by movements from a sleeping partner. The Zoma Mattress's exceptional motion isolation capabilities contribute to a more tranquil sleep environment, ensuring uninterrupted rest throughout the night.

Cover Fabric Quality

The Zoma Mattress showcases a high-quality cover fabric, crafted with a blend of materials that prioritize breathability, softness, and durability. The cover's composition typically includes a blend of polyester and elastane, creating a stretchy, flexible surface that adapts well to the body's movements. This fabric combination contributes to a plush feel while maintaining resilience and longevity. Moreover, the cover is engineered with breathable properties, allowing for adequate airflow and heat dissipation, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep surface. Its soft texture adds to the overall comfort of the mattress, enhancing the sleep experience for users. Additionally, the cover's durability ensures longevity, providing consistent quality and protection to the layers beneath.


The Zoma Mattress is engineered with a focus on durability, featuring a robust construction designed to withstand long-term use without compromising on comfort. The mattress is built with high-quality materials that offer exceptional resilience and structural integrity. The durable foam layers, often made of responsive and high-density foams, resist premature sagging and indentations, maintaining the mattress's shape and support over time. This durability ensures that the mattress retains its performance and structural integrity, catering to users' comfort and support needs for an extended period. Additionally, the mattress's durable cover fabric and well-constructed seams contribute to its overall longevity, enhancing its ability to withstand wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Commitment to Sustainability

Zoma Mattress holds a robust commitment to sustainability, evident in its manufacturing processes and material choices. The company prioritizes eco-friendly practices by utilizing materials that are CertiPUR-US® certified, ensuring they are free from harmful substances like heavy metals and ozone depleters. Additionally, Zoma focuses on reducing its environmental impact by employing responsible manufacturing techniques, minimizing waste, and optimizing energy consumption during production. The brand's dedication extends beyond just the mattress itself; they often incorporate sustainable packaging materials to minimize their carbon footprint throughout the product's lifecycle. Zoma's commitment to sustainability resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers seeking products aligned with eco-friendly values and responsible manufacturing practices.


Zoma Mattress offers a solid warranty package that reflects their confidence in product durability. The mattress warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and premature sagging beyond a certain depth. It's crucial to refer to the specifics outlined in the warranty documentation for precise details, but usually, the warranty spans around 10 years or more, ensuring customers are protected against any material or workmanship flaws that may arise. Zoma's warranty underscores their commitment to quality, offering reassurance to buyers about the durability and longevity of their investment in the mattress.

Customer Service

Zoma Mattress is praised for its exemplary customer service, renowned for its responsiveness and dedication. Customers often highlight the brand's prompt and helpful assistance, whether it's addressing inquiries about the mattress, navigating the ordering process, or handling any post-purchase concerns. The customer service team is known for its knowledgeability, guiding customers through the selection process based on individual needs and preferences. Moreover, Zoma's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their flexible return policies and hassle-free processes for addressing any issues that may arise post-purchase. This exceptional service experience often contributes to the overall positive impression of the brand among customers.


Zoma Mattress stands out as a specialized solution tailored for active individuals seeking optimal recovery and restorative sleep. Crafted with proprietary sleep technology catering to athletes, it uniquely combines Triangulex™ technology for targeted pressure relief and gel-infused memory foam for temperature regulation, promising a rejuvenating slumber. With its focus on aiding muscle recovery and promoting better sleep quality, Zoma Mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking a supportive and restorative mattress. Its competitive pricing, generous trial period, and reliable customer service further solidify its appeal, making it a strong contender for individuals prioritizing sleep health and recovery.

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What makes Zoma Mattress unique?

Zoma stands out for its advanced sleep technology designed for athletes, aiding in faster muscle recovery and improved rest. The mattress incorporates Triangulex™ technology for targeted pressure relief, fostering better sleep for active individuals.

How does Zoma Mattress regulate sleep temperature?

Zoma employs gel-infused memory foam and breathable materials to enhance airflow, preventing heat retention and ensuring a cooler sleep surface, ideal for those prone to overheating during sleep.

Can Zoma Mattress help with back pain?

Yes, Zoma Mattress is engineered to alleviate pressure points and provide adequate spinal alignment, which can assist in relieving back pain for many sleepers.

What is Zoma Mattress's trial period and warranty?

Zoma offers a 100-night trial period, allowing customers ample time to adjust to the mattress. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty covering manufacturing defects and premature wear.

Does Zoma Mattress offer free delivery?

Yes, Zoma provides free shipping and delivery across the contiguous United States, ensuring convenience and cost-effectiveness for customers.

Is Zoma Mattress environmentally friendly?

Zoma Mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, ensuring the foam used is free from harmful chemicals and meets strict environmental standards.

How does Zoma Mattress's pricing compare to other brands?

Zoma Mattress provides competitive pricing considering its advanced sleep technology, often being more cost-effective compared to similar high-quality mattresses on the market.

Can Zoma Mattresses be used with adjustable bases?

Yes, Zoma Mattresses are compatible with various adjustable bases, offering flexibility in sleep preferences and positions.

Is Zoma Mattress's customer service reliable?

Zoma prides itself on responsive and knowledgeable customer service, dedicated to providing assistance and guidance throughout the customer journey, earning high praise from its users.

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