Tulo Liv Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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While Tulo Liv Mattress is a fantastic mattress at this price point, our #1 pick for 2021 is SAATVA mattress. Saatva is a luxury mattress shipped to your door (unlike other bed in a box brands dropped off on your doorstep) w/ FREE white-glove delivery & setup. They have over 50,000 5-star reviews, and they're incredibly comfortable (for all sleep positions).

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Bottom Line

A Mattress Firm exclusive brand, Tulo beds comfort and provide pressure relief at an incredibly low price. The Tulo Liv is an all-foam bed-in-a-box that works exceptionally well at providing support for all sleeper types. Try the Tulo Liv for 120-nights risk-free, today!

Get Tulo Liv if...

  • You're on a budget. The Tulo Liv is one of the most affordable mattresses on the market. A Queen is priced below $300! If you're looking for a great mattress at an even better price, this is it.
  • You love memory foam. This mattress is made up of several layers of varying kinds of foam. So if you like the body-contouring feeling, pressure relief, and overall support typically associated with memory foam, this mattress is a perfect match.
  • You're a combination sleeper. If you switch positions often throughout the night, the Tulo Liv provides comfort whether you like sleeping on your back, stomach, or side.

Skip Tulo Liv if...

  • You need a firm mattress. Due to its all-foam construction, it's designed primarily for comfort and pressure relief and not necessarily firm support. If you need a mattress with little to no give, opt for an innerspring bed.
  • You need extra support. All-foam beds tend to hold less weight than that of innersprings.
  • You don't like the feeling of memory foam. If you aren't a fan of the sinking-in feeling memory foam provides, this bed won't work for you. Instead, you should consider an innerspring or hybrid mattress.


  • Ships fast and free
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Built-in cooling features


  • Lacks edge support


The Tulo Liv has a medium feel, ranking around a 5-6/10 on the firmness scale. The top layer provides you with comfort and pressure relief regardless of your body type or preferred sleeping position (on your side, back, or stomach).

Construction Key Points

  • Tulo Liv is 9" tall.
  • Cover: Knitted polyester and Tencel blended fabric combine to create a breathable cover that's soft-to-the-touch.
  • Top Layer: 1.5" of LumaGel™ infused foam provides temperature regulation and pressure point relief.
  • Second Layer: 2.5" of LumaFiber™ infused foam increases support and alleviates tossing and turning throughout the night.
  • Base Layer: 5" of firm, durable polyfoam provides stability for the entire mattress.

Support & Motion Isolation

With three different layers of varying foam types, this mattress easily absorbs any motion. For couples, (especially those with very active sleep partners), the Tulo Liv is a great choice as it ensures any movements aren't transferred throughout the entire bed surface—resulting in undisturbed sleep.

Reasons to Buy Tulo Liv

  1. Whether your shopping for yourself, your family, or guest room, the Tulo Liv is an affordable mattress with great qualities. It's neutral feel ensures that all sleeper types are going to feel comfortable when lying down.
  2. Not only does it ship free, you get 120 nights to try it risk-free! A Mattress Firm exclusive, the Tulo Liv is backed by the retailer's generous policies.
  3. If you want a foam mattress, but are concerned about overheating, the Tulo Liv provides a great solution. The top layer of LumaGel™ ensures heat is able to escape while air flow is constantly circulating throughout the mattress. The result? You get to enjoy the benefits of foam and sleep cool too!

Reasons to Avoid Tulo Liv

  1. If you like to sleep on the edge of the bed or sit at the edge for extended periods, the Tulo Liv isn't the best choice. It lacks sturdy edge support. Instead, you should opt for a bed with a coil base for added reinforcement.

Tulo Liv is an ideal choice if you want pressure relief regardless of what position you sleep in at an affordable price. You can get 50% off Tulo Liv, today!

Where can I find a great, affordable mattress (in 2021)?

If you're searching for an affordable mattress that offers a wide range of comfort and pressure relief, we've compiled a list of mattresses for you to consider:

  1. Saatva Mattress - fantastic for all sleep positions, and is rated our Best Mattress of 2021.
  2. Idle Sleep - great for responsive pressure relief.
  3. Puffy - feels like you're sleeping on a cool cloud (at a good price).
  4. Ghostbed - beautiful, plush cover w/ aerated latex and healthy spinal alignment.
  5. Winkbeds - 3-stage back relief with free shipping and returns.

Read our short, well-researched 10 Best Mattresses of 2021, here. Our ultimate goal is to help you pick your perfect mattress online, today!

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Saatva is our top pick for the #1 mattress in 2020! They're a luxury mattress shipped with FREE white-glove delivery & setup (different than regular bed in a box brands put on your doorstep). They have over 50,000 reviews.

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