Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress Review

Scott White
Chief Sleep Researcher
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The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress for 2024 is a testament to innovation and comfort, earning our top recommendation for those in search of an exceptional sleep experience. Combining the best features of memory foam and innerspring, this mattress excels in comfort, support, and sustainability. Its eco-friendly materials, outstanding back support, and top-tier customer service make it a standout choice for a luxurious night's sleep.


Temperature-regulationg materials effectively dissipates excess body heat, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Offers an impressive range of comfort experiences, ensuring there's a perfect match for all sleep styles and preferences. This customization helps to accommodate pressure areas and cater to various sleeping positions, enhancing overall comfort.

Merges the benefits of hybrid constructive materials such as coils and foam, offering supportive and comfortable sleep. Its structure is ideal for people torn between the two types of mattresses.

Our Recommendation

While this is a impressive option, one name stands out as our number one pick: the Saatva mattress. We rigorously research and review mattresses to help you find the perfect night's rest. Our top pick, the Saatva mattress, stands out for its unparalleled comfort, superior support, and durability. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and multiple firmness options, it's the cost-effective choice for your best sleep yet. Discover the magic of Saatva and elevate your sleep experience.



Tight budget

Prefers a traditional innerspring mattress

Limited bedroom space


Exceptional comfort

Seeks advanced cooling

Values sustainability

Excellent back support

Sleeps with a partner

Enjoys motion isolation

Tempur Pedic is a renowned brand with a long history of providing quality sleep solutions. The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress continues this tradition by offering a luxurious sleep experience. Combining memory foam and innerspring technologies, this mattress stands out with its unbeatable comfort, remarkable support, and sustainable approach to sleep.

Get Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress if...

  • You prioritize a blend of responsive support and plush comfort for a great night's sleep.
  • Temperature regulation is essential to you, as these mattresses often feature cooling technologies.
  • Long-lasting durability and a reputable brand are high on your mattress shopping criteria.

Skip Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress if...

  • You are on a tight budget, as Tempurpedic mattresses tend to be higher priced.
  • You prefer the distinct feel of an innerspring or pure memory foam mattress.
  • You are looking for a very soft or very firm mattress, as hybrids often provide a balanced medium-firm feel.


  • Balanced Support: Offers a balanced combination of foam and innerspring support for optimal comfort.
  • Motion Isolation: Excellent motion isolation, making it ideal for couples who don't want to be disturbed by partner movements.
  • Durability: Known for its durability, it's a long-term investment in quality sleep.
  • Pressure Relief: Provides exceptional pressure relief, reducing aches and pains.
  • Temperature Regulation: Some models feature advanced cooling technologies to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature.


  • Higher Price: Generally more expensive than traditional innerspring mattresses.
  • Weight: These mattresses tend to be heavy, making them harder to move or rotate.
  • Initial Odor: Some users report an initial off-gassing odor that dissipates over time.
  • Maintenance: May require periodic rotation or flipping to maintain even wear.
  • Not Fully Organic: Not all materials used may be organic or environmentally friendly, which could be a concern for eco-conscious buyers.

Comfort & Firmness

The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is the epitome of comfort and firmness, offering a sleep experience that caters to a wide range of preferences and needs. Its unique hybrid design combines the best of two worlds, fusing the responsive support of innerspring coils with the plush cushioning of memory foam.

When it comes to comfort, this mattress shines. The memory foam adapts to the contours of your body, offering a personalized sleep experience. Whether you prefer a soft, cradling feel or firmer support, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid delivers. It's designed to provide a balance that's just right, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate customized comfort.

Firmness is another area where the Tempur Pedic Hybrid excels. The innerspring coils create a sturdy foundation, ensuring that your spine stays properly aligned throughout the night. This feature is especially beneficial for those with back pain concerns or anyone looking for solid support.

The hybrid construction finds the perfect equilibrium between softness and firmness, offering that "just right" feel. Whether you're a back sleeper, side sleeper, or someone who tosses and turns throughout the night, this mattress accommodates your needs. Its versatility is one of its most outstanding attributes, making it an ideal choice for couples with different sleep preferences.

Sleep Temperature

The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress goes beyond just comfort and firmness; it also excels in regulating sleep temperature. With its innovative design and cooling features, it ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed night's sleep, making it an ideal choice for those who tend to sleep hot.

One of the standout features of this mattress is its advanced ventilation system. The breathable design promotes airflow, allowing heat and moisture to dissipate, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. This is particularly important for individuals who often find themselves waking up due to overheating.

For those who tend to be hot sleepers, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is a game-changer. It provides a solution to the problem of night sweats and overheating, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted, restful sleep. So, if you've been searching for a mattress that keeps you comfortably cool throughout the night, this hybrid mattress offers the ideal sleep temperature for a refreshing slumber.


The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is a masterclass in layering, combining premium materials with precision to create a sleep surface that caters to your every comfort need. Comprising multiple layers of specialized materials, each has a unique role in promoting an exceptional sleep experience.

At its core, this hybrid mattress features a layer of supportive innerspring coils. These individually wrapped coils offer responsive support while promoting airflow, which is crucial for maintaining a comfortable sleep temperature. They also ensure that your body is properly supported, aligning your spine for a healthy night's sleep.

Above the coils lies a layer of Tempur Material, a memory foam known for its body-conforming properties. This layer adapts to the contours of your body, offering personalized comfort and reducing pressure points. Whether you're a side sleeper or prefer snoozing on your back, this layer ensures a comfortable night's sleep by cradling your body in just the right way.

The mattress also features additional comfort layers, each crafted to provide cushioning and softness, all while maintaining the mattress's breathability. These layers work harmoniously to offer you the perfect balance of comfort and support, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Back Support

At the core of this hybrid mattress are individual innerspring coils. These coils are strategically placed to offer targeted support where your body needs it most. They respond to your movements, adapting to your body's unique contours while maintaining consistent support. Whether you're a back sleeper or prefer to doze off on your side, these coils work diligently to provide optimal spinal alignment and relieve pressure points.

Above the innerspring coils, a layer of Tempur Material, a renowned memory foam, adds an extra dimension to the back support offered by this mattress. This material cradles your body's curves, providing additional lumbar support and ensuring that your spine remains in a neutral position as you sleep. As a result, you can wake up feeling refreshed and free of the aches and pains often associated with poor sleep posture.

The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is designed with back health in mind. Its combination of responsive innerspring coils and supportive memory foam offers an exceptional balance of comfort and spinal alignment, providing the back support you need for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Sagging & Edge Support

The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is engineered to provide outstanding sagging resistance and edge support, ensuring long-lasting comfort and usability.

Sagging can be a common issue with some mattresses, but this hybrid model is designed to stand the test of time. At its core, a layer of individually encased innerspring coils serves as the primary support system. These coils are known for their durability and ability to maintain their shape over the years. They deliver consistent support, preventing the mattress from developing sags or indentations even after extended use.

Moreover, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress excels in edge support. It features a reinforced edge that extends the usable surface of the mattress all the way to the edges. This means that whether you're sitting on the edge to put on your shoes or lying near the border, you'll experience the same level of comfort and support as you do in the mattress's center.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to the mattress's ability to absorb and minimize the transfer of motion across the surface. When one person moves or changes position during the night, it shouldn't disturb their partner on the other side of the bed. The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress achieves this through its innovative design.

At its core, this mattress combines the benefits of innerspring coils and Tempur Material memory foam. The individually encased innerspring coils provide support and stability, while the memory foam adapts to the contours of your body, reducing pressure points. When one person moves, the memory foam absorbs the motion, preventing it from traveling through the mattress and disturbing their partner's sleep.

This motion isolation feature is particularly valuable for light sleepers or those with different sleep schedules. Whether you or your partner frequently toss and turn or get in and out of bed, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress ensures a peaceful and undisturbed night's sleep. So, you can rest comfortably knowing that your sleep won't be compromised by movement on the other side of the bed.

Cover Fabric Quality

The cover fabric quality of the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the cover fabric is not only soft to the touch but also exceptionally durable. It's designed to withstand daily wear and tear, maintaining its quality and appearance over time. This level of durability ensures that your mattress remains in excellent condition for years to come, making it a sound investment for your sleep comfort.

Furthermore, the cover fabric's breathability enhances your overall sleeping experience. It allows air to circulate, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture, and ensuring a cool and comfortable night's sleep. This feature is especially beneficial for those who tend to sleep hot or live in warmer climates.


The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is synonymous with exceptional durability, making it a long-term investment in your sleep comfort.

This mattress is constructed using high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Every component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand the test of time. The result is a mattress that maintains its structural integrity and performance, even after years of regular use.

One key aspect contributing to its durability is the innovative hybrid design, which combines memory foam and innerspring coils. The combination of these materials enhances the overall robustness of the mattress. The memory foam adapts to your body shape, providing personalized support, while the coils offer additional stability and resilience.

Moreover, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is designed to resist common issues such as sagging or body impressions. With proper care and maintenance, it can remain in excellent condition for many years, providing you with night after night of restful sleep.

Commitment to Sustainability

Tempur Pedic's commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of its mission to provide high-quality mattresses with a focus on environmental responsibility.

One of the ways Tempur Pedic demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is through responsible sourcing of materials. The brand carefully selects materials that are eco-friendly and minimize environmental impact. This includes using sustainable and renewable resources in its mattress production process.

Tempur Pedic is also dedicated to reducing waste and energy consumption. The company implements efficient manufacturing practices that prioritize the conservation of resources and energy. This includes optimizing production processes to reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint of its operations.


Tempur Pedic stands behind the quality and durability of its hybrid mattresses, and that's evident in its warranty coverage. When you invest in a Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress, you can be confident that your purchase is protected.

The Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress Warranty typically covers your mattress for a substantial period, often ranging from 10 to 15 years, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. During this time, the warranty provides protection against manufacturing defects and faults that could compromise the mattress's structural integrity or its ability to provide a restful night's sleep.

Customer Service

Should you encounter any issues that fall within the warranty's scope, Tempur Pedic's customer support team is available to assist you in a prompt and professional manner. Whether it's problems with the mattress materials or workmanship, the warranty is designed to address these concerns efficiently.


In conclusion, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress for 2024 is a stellar choice for those in search of unparalleled comfort, support, and sustainability in a mattress. Whether you prioritize comfort, cooling, or eco-consciousness, this mattress delivers on all fronts.

Where can I find a great, affordable mattress (in 2024)?

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  1. Saatva Mattress - fantastic for all sleep positions, and is rated our Best Mattress of 2024.
  2. Puffy - feels like you're sleeping on a cool cloud (at a good price).
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  4. Winkbeds - 3-stage back relief with free shipping and returns.

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What makes Tempur-Pedic unique?

Tempur Pedic's hybrid design, combining memory foam and innerspring, sets it apart, offering a unique blend of comfort and support. Its commitment to sustainability further distinguishes it.

How does Tempur-Pedic regulate sleep temperature?

Tempur Pedic mattresses incorporate advanced cooling technology to dissipate heat and moisture, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Can Tempur-Pedic help with back pain?

Yes, the Tempur Pedic Hybrid Mattress is designed to provide exceptional back support, making it an excellent choice for individuals dealing with back pain.

What is Tempur-Pedic's trial period and warranty?

Details about Tempur Pedic's trial period and warranty can be found on the official Tempur Pedic website.

Does Tempur-Pedic offer free delivery?

Details about delivery, including any potential free delivery options, can be found on the Tempur Pedic website or by contacting their customer service.

Is Tempur-Pedic environmentally friendly?

Yes, Tempur Pedic prioritizes sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes.

How does Tempur-Pedic's pricing compare to other brands?

Pricing varies by model and size. It's advisable to visit the Tempur Pedic website or contact their customer service for detailed pricing information.

Can Tempur-Pedic mattresses be used with adjustable bases?

Yes, Tempur Pedic mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, offering enhanced customization for your sleep experience.

Is Tempur-Pedic's customer service reliable?

Tempur Pedic is known for its reliable and responsive customer service, with a team dedicated to assisting customers throughout their mattress journey.

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