Eight Sleep Review

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Bottom Line

Eight Sleep is an innovative smart bed brand that has created one technologically advanced mattress targeting multiple sleep concerns. Their Pod mattress features temperature control like no other smart bed on the market! Plus, Eight Sleep's app makes it easy to see how much your sleep health improves when you sleep on a Pod.

Consider Eight Sleep If...

  • You're a hot sleeper. Eight Sleep's signature Pod mattress features Intelligent SmartTemp AI which predicts what you need while you sleep, including temperature. This technology sends signals to the Pod's water-powered hub, which either cools or heats your mattress's Active Grid cooling technology layer.
  • You want to experience smart bed technology. Eight Sleep's AI-powered cooling technology is one of the most innovative sleep technologies on the market, but that not all this smart bed has to offer. It also provides Seamless Sensing Technology, which helps the Pod track sleeping patterns and adjust accordingly.
  • You'd like to see how your sleep fitness is improving – by the numbers. Eight Sleep's Pod tracks figures like time slept, deep sleep, REM, and HRV monitoring while you sleep. You can access all of this information through an app that syncs with your mattress, so that you can measure how much your sleep health has improved with Eight Sleep.

Avoid Eight Sleep If...

  • You're looking for a traditional innerspring. As an all-foam mattress with advanced technological features, there's nothing traditional about Eight Sleep's Pod. If you're not tech savvy, or simply don't want to deal with apps and remotes, this mattress may not be for you.
  • You don't like the bed in a box idea. Eight Sleep's pod mattress does come delivered in a box, and you aren't able to try it until it arrives at your home, where you'll have to wait for this mattress to fully expand before use. If you're unsure about this product's delivery method, consider a mattress that isn't delivered compressed in a box.


Eight Sleep's all-foam Pod is about a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale, making this mattress suitable for any sleep style, and especially friendly to side and combo sleepers. It's several CertiPUR foam layers ensure that the Pod contours to the curves of your body while still providing adequate pressure support.

Construction Key Points

  • Eight Sleep's Pod is 11" tall, and the Pod Pro is 12" tall.
  • This all-foam mattress features 3-5 layers of integrated quality foam to provide quality pressure relief and support. It also features the Active Grid integrated topper, Room and Climate Weather Response, Dual cooling and heating, and sleep + health monitoring. It even has a built in GentleRise alarm to wake you each morning.
  • Active Grid Cooling Technology: The Pod's top Active Grid layer is flexible and contours to your body for maximum pressure relief. The Grid uses water to facilitate absorption and removal of up to 20W of heat from the bed, allowing you to stay cool.
  • Seamless Sensing Technology: The proprietary Sensing Technology includes multiple sensors like piezo films, ballistocardiographs, and temperature sensors that sense the bed and your environment. It detects your heart beats and breathing patterns to track your sleep to continuously adjust temperature to your personal needs.
  • Water Powered Hub: The Pod's Hub delivers temperature-regulated water to each side of the active grid, depending on what each sleeper's needs are. Its thermo-electric cooling elements in conjunction with a Heat Sink and two premium cooling fans are so silent enough that you'll sleep totally undisturbed.
  • Intelligent SmartTemp AI: Perhaps the Pod's most advanced technological feature, the SmartTemp AI makes predictions on what what you need while you sleep, from learning from your sleep patterns during sleep. This tech is the Pod's key to making fine-tuned temperature adjustments while you sleep.
  • Eight Sleep App: The Eight Sleep Pod App is the key to this mattress's extra features, like GentleWake alarm technology, your daily sleep fitness score, dual-zoned temperature controls, and tracking your sleep analytics and trends.

Support & Motion Isolation

Eight Sleep's pod offers good motion isolation due to its quality foam materials. Because of its all-foam, mixed construction, you'll notice minimal motion transfer with the Pod. Its top polyfoam layer delivers slight bounce. This mattress isn't as firm as an all memory foam model, but will isolate motion better than an innerspring, making it a great pick for couples.

Returns & Warranty

Eight Sleep provides an 100-day sleep trial so you can be sure about your purchase. If you decide the Pod isn't for you, you can return the Pod without any shipping charges within this 100-day window. Eight Sleep donates your used mattress to someone in need in this case!

Both the Pod and the Pod Pro are protected by a 10-year warranty, so you can be sure that this mattress is durable and built to last.

Why Buy Eight Sleep?

  1. You sleep with a partner. The Pod's dual temperature control caters to you and your partner's needs, so you can both sleep comfortably at your own optimal temperatures.
  2. You're a hot sleeper. With the Active Grid, Power Hub, and SmartTemp AI all working to optimize your sleep temperature continually, The Pod is sure to provide and cool and comfortable sleep night after night.
  3. You're interested in owning a smart bed. Not only does the Pod provide technologically advanced cooling features– it also monitors your sleep habits on an app, gives you a daily sleep health report, and can gently wake you up with GentleWake technology. How's that for smart?

Why Avoid Eight Sleep?

  1. You prefer traditional mattresses. As an all-foam mattress with many tech features, this mattress isn't for you if you prefer tried-and-true innersprings or hybrids. The Pod's bells and whistles may be overwhelming for those who aren't tech savvy.
  2. You're on the hunt for a Twin. Eight Sleep's Pod isn't available in a Twin size yet, so it's not a suitable choice if you're looking for this mattress size.

Our Verdict

Eight Sleep is an excellent brand if you want smart sleep technology at a great price. Their mattress is also surprisingly comfortable.

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Up To $500 Off Orders Above $1000
March Deal - $500 Off On Orders $1000+

Discover Our Best Mattress Pick Of 2023

While Eight Sleep Review is a fantastic mattress at this price point, our #1 pick for 2023 is SAATVA mattress. Saatva is a luxury mattress shipped to your door with FREE white-glove delivery & setup, & over 50,000 5-star reviews.

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Exclusive March Deal - $500 Off On Orders Above $1000