Casper Select Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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Bottom Line

The Casper Select is an all-foam mattress priced at an incredible value. It's sold exclusively at Costco. Four layers of premium foam, including a Zoned Support™ layer, combine to provide superb pressure relief. Try the Casper Select mattress, backed by Costco's 100% satisfaction guarantee, today!

Get Casper Select if...

  • You need pressure relief. The Casper Select offers a Zoned Support™ layer that provides extra cushion underneath your shoulders and hips. It effectively eliminates any pain so you wake refreshed.
  • You love memory foam. This mattress is built with four layers of premium foam, including memory foam. If you enjoy that classic hugging feeling synonymous with this type of foam, this mattress is a great fit.
  • You're on a budget. Because this mattress is sold exclusively at Costco, it must adhere to their budget-friendly model. Therefore, the Casper Select mattress has a price tag lower than most other Casper beds.

Skip Casper Select if...

  • You're not a Costco member. The Casper Select is a "member only" item. That means anyone without a Costco membership isn't eligible to purchase this mattress.
  • You need a firm bed. This all-foam mattress has a medium feel. If you're a stomach sleeper or just prefer a firmer mattress, the Casper Select won't work for you.
  • You don't enjoy memory foam. If you prefer a more traditional feeling mattress, like a bed with innersprings, the Casper Select isn't the right choice for you.


  • Breathable foam prevents the mattress from trapping heat
  • Backed by Costco's famously lenient return policy
  • Offers great targeted pressure relief


  • Not available to everyone
  • Lacks sturdy edge support


The Casper Select is an all-foam bed with a medium feel, ranking approximately 5-6/10 on the firmness scale. Side and back sleepers can benefit from the plushier memory foam layer, however stomach sleepers are going to find this too soft for their needs.

Construction Key Points

  • The Casper Select stands 12" tall.
  • Top Layer: Breathable open-cell foam allows heat to escape and air to circulate throughout. This ensures the mattress stays cool so you can sleep comfortably all night long.
  • Comfort Layer: High-density memory foam contours to your body, cradling your natural curves. This provides excellent pressure relief.
  • Transition Layer: Zoned Support™ layer treats your shoulders and hips differently for deeper comfort and better alignment.
  • Base Layer: Thick, extra firm polyfoam supports your weight and prevents sinking and sagging. It's durable and adds stability to the entire mattress.

Support & Motion Isolation

Memory foam is one of the best materials at absorbing motion, so it's no surprise that the Casper Element performs incredibly well at isolation motion. This is especially important to couples who don't want to disturb each other with their movements.

As for edge support, it's not great. While you won't feel like you're going to roll off the sides, the layers of foam do compress when you sit or lie on the bed perimeters. If you're looking for sturdy edge support, we suggest you try one of Casper's hybrid models.

Reasons to Buy Casper Select

  1. You get that great memory foam feel without feeling stuck. The firmer transition layer combined with the responsive top foam layer allows you to move around the bed with ease.
  2. The Casper Select has all the great benefits Casper offers, at a budget-friendly price. Because this mattress is sold exclusively at Costco, you get to enjoy this bed without worry of breaking the bank.
  3. It effectively alleviates sore points on your body. The plush foam layers combined with Zoned Support™, target pain and relieve any pressure.

Reasons to Avoid Casper Select

  1. Although you may order any of Casper's models directly from their website, the Casper Select is a Costco exclusive. If you're not a Costco member, you aren't eligible to purchase this mattress.
  2. If you're a stomach sleeper needing firm support, this mattress isn't the right fit for you. The Casper Select has a medium feel, which you may find a little too soft for your needs.

Casper Select is an ideal choice if you want an all-foam mattress that provides excellent pressure relief all at an affordable price. You can get a great deal on Casper Select, today!

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