Cariloha Mattress Review

Scott White
Chief Sleep Researcher
Updated 3 Days Ago

Cariloha mattresses offer a unique blend of comfort, sustainability, and cooling technology. Their memory foam mattresses, made with eco-friendly bamboo, provide excellent contouring support and have impressive cooling capabilities. With their 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty, Cariloha provides a reliable solution for sleepers who prefer the hugging feel of memory foam and care about environmental sustainability. The added benefits of a hypoallergenic design and enhanced edge support make it an excellent choice for couples and allergy sufferers alike.


Ensures top-notch edge support in their mattresses. Their robust design can endure long hours of pressure, making it a brilliant choice for those who spend considerable time sitting on the bed's edge.

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, providing a clean, bacteria-free sleep surface and contributing to the mattress's longevity.

Offers an impressive range of comfort experiences, ensuring there's a perfect match for all sleep styles and preferences. This customization helps to accommodate pressure areas and cater to various sleeping positions, enhancing overall comfort.

Our Recommendation

While this is a impressive option, one name stands out as our number one pick: the Saatva mattress. We rigorously research and review mattresses to help you find the perfect night's rest. Our top pick, the Saatva mattress, stands out for its unparalleled comfort, superior support, and durability. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and multiple firmness options, it's the cost-effective choice for your best sleep yet. Discover the magic of Saatva and elevate your sleep experience.



You dislike the classic memory foam feel.

You're looking for an ultra-soft or extra-firm mattress.

You're on a tight budget.

You prefer a spring or hybrid mattress.

You're not a fan of the slow responsiveness of memory foam.


You love the hugging feel of memory foam.

You need a hypoallergenic mattress.

You're an eco-conscious consumer.

You sleep hot and need a mattress with good cooling properties.

You want enhanced edge support.

You value a risk-free trial period and a good warranty.

Since 2007, Cariloha has been using eco-friendly bamboo to create a wide range of bedding items. Their mattresses sleep cooler than traditional memory foam beds. They also have reinforced edge support, and are naturally hypoallergenic. Try a Cariloha mattress for 100-nights risk-free, today!

Consider Cariloha If...

  • You love the feel of memory foam. Cariloha utilizes thick layers of slow-responsive memory foam in their mattresses. If you prefer to sink into the mattress rather than lay on top, Cariloha is a great option.
  • You sleep hot. The base layer of foam features air flow channels, and the bamboo infused top layer makes this bed sleep cooler than traditional foam beds.  
  • You're an eco-conscious consumer. Cariloha uses bamboo in their mattresses. Bamboo grows pestide-free, self-regenerates when cut down, and keeps the air clean. It's a renewable resource that makes great bedding and is great for the planet!

Avoid Cariloha If...

  • You need an extra soft or extra firm mattress. Cariloha makes two mattresses—one with a medium-firm feel, the other medium-soft. While these typically work for the majority of sleepers, if you need an ultra-plush or extra-firm mattress, you should consider alternatives.
  • You're on a budget. Cariloha uses high-quality materials in their mattresses and charges a premium for them—justifiably so. But if you're looking to only spend $500 or less on a mattress, Cariloha is outside of this price range.
  • You dislike memory foam. This mattress has that classic, hugging feeling of memory foam. If you prefer a more traditional feel, you should consider a mattress with a coil base.


Cariloha makes two mattress models with different firmness levels. Their Classic Bamboo Mattress has a medium-firm feel, ranking a 7/10 on the firmness scale. It's a great option for back and stomach sleepers who enjoy the slow-responsiveness of memory foam with a firmer base for targeted pressure relief. Their Resort Bamboo Mattress has a medium-soft feel, ranking a 5/10 on the firmness scale. It's a great option for back, side, and combination sleepers who prefer a plushier feel that cradles your hips and shoulders.

Construction Key Points

  • The Classic Bamboo Mattress is 10" tall and the Resort Bamboo Mattress is 12" tall.
  • Both models are constructed with varying layers of foam.
  • Cover: Made with plush viscose from bamboo, it's soft and breathable.
  • Top Layer: The first layer is made with their Bamboo Comfort™ memory foam. The bamboo charcoal memory foam is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. It slowly responds to your body for contouring support.
  • Second Layer: A layer of luxury memory foam adapts to your body's shape, effectively alleviating pressure points.
  • Third Layer: Advanced side-wedge support stabilizes each side of the mattress for great edge-support.
  • Base Layer: Flex-Flow™ Dual-Density base foam improves airflow between you and the mattress. It works to keep you 3° cooler than traditional foam beds, while simultaneously stabilizing the entire mattress' structure.

Support & Motion Isolation

Memory foam is well-known for its motion isolating capabilities, so it's no surprise that both Cariloha models perform incredibly well here. The premium memory foam layers absorb movements and prevent them from transferring throughout the entire bed's surface.

As for edge support, these mattresses do a great job. Despite the all-foam construction, Cariloha includes a special side-wedge system that allows you to comfortably use the entire mattress surface.

These two things make Cariloha a great choice for couples.

Returns & Warranty

Cariloha provides a 100-night risk-free trial on their mattresses. You must sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 30 days (their adjustment period) before initiating a return. You can start the return process by calling, emailing, or submitting the return form directly on the Cariloha website. Cariloha then coordinates a time and date to pick up your mattress.

All Cariloha mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty, pretty standard among other online mattress companies.

Why Buy Cariloha?

  1. If sustainability is important to you, then Cariloha is a great fit for your lifestyle. They use bamboo in their mattresses, which is a naturally self-renewing material. It's grown without any harsh chemicals and is great for the environment.
  1. Say goodbye to sweaty nights. Cariloha mattresses are naturally breathable and moisture wicking. The all-foam construction is built to sleep 3° cooler than other foam beds.
  1. The thick layers of memory foam combined with advanced side-wedge support makes Cariloha a great option for couples. Their mattresses virtually have little to no motion transfer and the enhanced edge support means you can use the entire mattress surface without worry of feeling as if you're going to slide off the sides.

Why Avoid Cariloha?

  1. If you prefer to sleep on top of the mattress rather than in it, Cariloha won't work for you. They use slow-responding memory foam so you sink into the mattress for a whole-body hugging feel.
  1. If you're looking to spend $500 or less on a mattress, Cariloha is outside of this price range.

Our Verdict

Cariloha is a great choice for breathable, eco-friendly all-foam mattresses that sleep exceptionally cool. Their mattresses are also surprisingly comfortable. You can get 10% off Cariloha, today!

Where can I find a great, affordable mattress (in 2024)?

If you're searching for an affordable mattress that offers a wide range of comfort and pressure relief, we've compiled a list of mattresses for you to consider:

  1. Saatva Mattress - fantastic for all sleep positions, and is rated our Best Mattress of 2024.
  2. Puffy - feels like you're sleeping on a cool cloud (at a good price).
  3. Ghostbed - beautiful, plush cover w/ aerated latex and healthy spinal alignment.
  4. Winkbeds - 3-stage back relief with free shipping and returns.

Read our short, well-researched 10 Best Mattresses of 2024, here. Our ultimate goal is to help you pick your perfect mattress online, today!




What makes Cariloha mattresses unique?

Cariloha mattresses are unique due to their use of bamboo, an eco-friendly, renewable resource that adds softness, durability, and breathability to their memory foam mattresses. This, combined with their excellent cooling technology and edge support, creates a unique and comfortable sleep experience.

How does Cariloha regulate sleep temperature?

Cariloha regulates sleep temperature through its innovative design. The top layer of bamboo-infused memory foam is naturally breathable and the base layer features air-flow channels to improve ventilation. This combination keeps the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Can Cariloha help with back pain?

Cariloha mattresses use thick layers of memory foam that contour to your body shape, providing support where it's needed most and relieving pressure points. This could potentially help with back pain, although individual experiences may vary.

What is Cariloha's trial period and warranty?

Cariloha offers a 100-night risk-free trial period for their mattresses. They also back their mattresses with a 10-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and certain levels of sagging.

Does Cariloha offer free delivery?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Cariloha did offer free delivery in the continental United States. For the most current information, you should check their official website.

Is Cariloha environmentally friendly?

Yes, Cariloha is environmentally friendly. They use bamboo, a renewable resource that grows pesticide-free and self-regenerates when cut down, in their mattresses.

How does Cariloha's pricing compare to other brands?

Cariloha's pricing is higher compared to some other brands, largely due to the high-quality materials used, such as bamboo and premium memory foam. However, their mattresses offer excellent value due to their longevity, comfort, and sustainability.

Can Cariloha mattresses be used with adjustable bases?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Cariloha mattresses could be used with adjustable bases. It's always a good idea to check with the company for the most up-to-date information.

Is Cariloha's customer service reliable?

Based on the information provided in the review, Cariloha seems to have reliable customer service. They offer a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty. Any queries or issues during the trial period or after purchase can be addressed through their customer service channels. For recent customer experiences, check the latest reviews online.

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