Blue Burrito Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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Bottom Line

Sold exclusively at RC Willey, the Blue Burrito mattress is constructed with three layers of foam. The top two layers are gel-infused ventilated memory foam. They rest atop a thick layer of high-density polyfoam. This mattress sleeps cool and provides great pressure point relief.

Consider Blue Burrito Mattress If...

  • You love an all-foam mattress. The Blue Burrito mattress combines three distinct layers of memory foam giving you that lavish sink-in memory foam feeling.
  • You're a hot sleeper. Keep cool with ComforTemp memory foam and ventilated GelCare layers designed to adapt to your body temperature. This foam combined with a breathable knit and airflow mesh accent will allow you to rest all night comfortably.
  • You're a side sleeper. This all-foam mattress has just enough give in its top layer for your shoulders and hips to be cradled. Experience pressure relief when lying on your side.

Avoid Blue Burrito Mattress If...

  • You need extra support. Memory foam naturally caves under pressure: the more weight applied onto it, the more it sinks. If you need extra support, this bed will feel very soft and you'll likely sink too far into the bed.
  • You need strong edge support. Memory foam isn't known for providing strong edge support, and the Blue Burrito mattress isn't an exception. Because of the all foam construction and slow responsiveness, the edges start to compress when you sit or lie on the edge.


The Blue BurritoMattress is constructed with a denser memory foam, and therefore rates about 6.5/10 on the firmness scale.

It provides enough cushion for your shoulders and hips to sink into, so side sleepers do great on this mattress.

Combination sleepers can do reasonably well on this mattress as the medium-firm feel is supportive enough for your back, stomach and side. But it's worth noting that the memory foam does have a slow response time, which may make switching positions slightly difficult.

Construction Key Points

  • The Blue Burrito mattress stands 11" tall.
  • Top Layer: 1.5" of ComforTemp memory foam that conforms to your body and has temperature regulation properties.
  • Middle Layer: 2.5" of GelCare cool ventilated gel-infused memory foam. This layer also conforms to your body with enhanced cooling capabilities due to the gel inside the foam.
  • Base Layer: 7" HD polyfoam. This high-density foam supports the mattress.

Support & Motion Isolation

Because of its all-foam design, the Blue Burrito mattress provides good motion isolation.

This is an important feature for couples to consider, especially if you or your partner toss and turn frequently. Rest assured your sleep won't be disturbed by their movements.

However, couples should take into consideration that while memory foam is great at preventing motion transfer, it does have a slow response time. This can make sex a bit uncomfortable as you're likely to sink pretty far into the mattress, leaving you "stuck."

Returns & Warranty

The Blue Burrito mattress is sold exclusively at RC Willey.

It comes with a 100-night sleep trial. If you aren't satisfied with your mattress within this period, you can make a one-time re-selection (unfortunately, they don't offer a full refund). If your chosen mattress costs more, you pay the difference.

If you purchased your Blue Burrito online, you can return it at any RC Willey store location. It's backed by a 10-year warranty.

Why Buy The Blue Burrito Mattress?

  1. It's a pretty great value for the money. The Blue Burrito starts at $500 and comes with a set of matching Blue Burrito pillows. If you're looking for a quality mattress without an overly expensive price tag, the Blue Burrito might be worth considering.
  2. Wanting to prevent overheating at night? Then the Blue Burrito is a good option. With dual gel-infused ventilated layers, and a breathable knit cover, air flows throughout the entire mattress. This helps you stay cool while you sleep.
  3. It's an excellent choice for side sleepers. The all-foam design adapts to your body's natural curves, adequately relieving pressure from your hips, shoulders, and spine.

Why Avoid The Blue Burrito Mattress?

  1. If you need extra support from your mattress, this might feel too soft as the memory foam layers tend to sink when more weight is applied to it. You might do better on the Blue Burrito hybrid mattress.
  2. For couples, this bed might not be the best option. While it does provide excellent motion isolation, it isn't the best at edge support.

Our Verdict

The Blue Burrito mattress is a perfect choice if you want an all-foam mattress with cooling properties. This mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get a great deal on the Blue Burrito mattress, today!

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