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The Saatva mattress is the best value mattress of 2024, offering a luxurious hybrid design that combines durability, comfort, and advanced lumbar support technology. With its two coil layers, high-density foam, and spine-aligning features, Saatva provides an affordable option for those seeking a long-lasting and supportive mattress.


Offers an impressive range of comfort experiences, ensuring there's a perfect match for all sleep styles and preferences. This customization helps to accommodate pressure areas and cater to various sleeping positions, enhancing overall comfort.

Provides a luxury firm feel, offering stable support for back sleepers. The right amount of give relieves pressure points, ensuring restful sleep.

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, providing a clean, bacteria-free sleep surface and contributing to the mattress's longevity.

Our Recommendation

While this is a impressive option, one name stands out as our number one pick: the Saatva mattress. We rigorously research and review mattresses to help you find the perfect night's rest. Our top pick, the Saatva mattress, stands out for its unparalleled comfort, superior support, and durability. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and multiple firmness options, it's the cost-effective choice for your best sleep yet. Discover the magic of Saatva and elevate your sleep experience.



You prefer an all-foam mattress

You have a limited budget for a mattress

You prefer a mattress with a completely eco-friendly design


You desire advanced lumbar support

You value a balance of softness and support

You seek durability and long-lasting quality

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Futon?

If you intend to use your futon solely as a bed rather than a sofa, you can definitely use a regular mattress. The best type would be a memory foam or a hybrid style. Keep in mind that these are not designed to bend into the futon's couch shape, in which case a specially designated futon mattress is required.

Best Mattress For Your Money (+ Value), In 2024?

We've done some extensive research and found that Saatva is the best mattress of 2024 for your money. Saatva uses two durable coil layers, high-density foam, and proprietary lumbar technology that keeps your spine aligned. It's an affordable luxury hybrid mattress built to last.

When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Mattress?

The life of your mattress varies widely, but it's recommended you replace your mattress every 7-10 years. If you're waking up sore, toss and turn frequently throughout the night, or begin to notice a sag or lump in your mattress, these are sure signs you need a replacement.

Spring vs Hybrid vs Latex Mattresses... Which Type Is Better?

It depends on your needs. A spring mattress is best for firm support while a latex mattress provides a softer, more contouring experience. Hybrids are great for sleepers who change positions a lot because they create a balance between the softness of foam with the firm support of coils.

Best Time Of Year To Buy A Mattress?

Most mattress companies tend to release new models in June and in order to make room, they need to unload their current inventory, making May the best month to purchase a new mattress. You can also score a great deal during certain holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Fourth of July, and Black Friday.

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Where can I find a great, affordable mattress (in 2024)?

If you're searching for a healthy, affordable mattress that's comfortable, relieves pressure, and has friendly policies; check out these 5 (in 2024):

  1. Saatva Mattress - fantastic for all sleep positions, and is rated our Best Mattress of 2024.
  2. Amerisleep - great for responsive pressure relief.
  3. Puffy - feels like you're sleeping on a cool cloud (at a good price).
  4. Ghostbed - beautiful, plush cover w/ aerated latex and healthy spinal alignment.
  5. Winkbeds - 3-stage back relief with free shipping and returns.

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We recommend a Saatva mattress instead of a Futon for back support.

What makes the Saatva mattress unique?

The Saatva mattress stands out with its proprietary lumbar support technology, which promotes proper spinal alignment. It combines durable coil layers, high-density foam, and a hybrid design to offer a supportive and comfortable sleep experience.

How does the Saatva mattress regulate sleep temperature?

The Saatva mattress incorporates breathable materials, including coil layers that promote airflow and prevent heat retention. This design helps regulate sleep temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

Can the Saatva mattress help with back pain?

Yes, the Saatva mattress features advanced lumbar support technology, designed to provide targeted support to the lower back. By promoting proper spinal alignment, it can potentially alleviate back pain and improve overall sleep quality.

What is the Saatva mattress's trial period and warranty?

The Saatva mattress typically comes with a 180-night sleep trial period, allowing customers to test the mattress in the comfort of their own home. It also offers a generous warranty, with most models featuring a 15-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

Does Saatva offer free delivery?

Saatva offers free white-glove delivery service for their mattresses. This means that the mattress will be delivered to your home, and the delivery team will handle setup and removal of any packaging materials.

Is the Saatva mattress environmentally friendly?

While specific environmental features are not mentioned in the provided information, Saatva prioritizes sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials in their mattresses. To obtain detailed information about their environmental practices, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact their customer support.

How does Saatva's pricing compare to other brands?

Saatva's pricing is considered competitive within the luxury mattress market. While it may not be the cheapest option, it offers excellent value for the quality, durability, and features it provides. Comparing prices with other brands can help determine its affordability relative to the market.

Can Saatva mattresses be used with adjustable bases?

Yes, Saatva mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. The hybrid design of Saatva mattresses allows them to work well with adjustable foundations, providing sleepers with customizable comfort and support options.

Is Saatva's customer service reliable?

Saatva is known for its exceptional customer service. They prioritize customer satisfaction and have a reputation for being responsive, helpful, and reliable when addressing inquiries, concerns, or issues.

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