Awara Hybrid Mattress Review 2024

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The Awara Hybrid Mattress embodies the perfect marriage of luxury and eco-consciousness, making it a standout choice in the realm of sustainable sleep solutions. Crafted with natural and organic materials, this mattress is a testament to Awara's commitment to environmental responsibility. The mattress offers a balanced blend of plush comfort and firm support, catering to a diverse range of sleep preferences. Its advanced cooling technology ensures a refreshing sleep environment, ideal for those prone to sleeping hot. With reliable back support and commendable durability, the Awara Hybrid impresses not only with its sleep performance but also with the brand's dedication to sustainable practices. For individuals seeking both a premium sleep experience and a mattress that aligns with eco-friendly values, the Awara Hybrid stands as a compelling and indulgent choice.


Offers an impressive range of comfort experiences, ensuring there's a perfect match for all sleep styles and preferences. This customization helps to accommodate pressure areas and cater to various sleeping positions, enhancing overall comfort.

Ensures top-notch edge support in their mattresses. Their robust design can endure long hours of pressure, making it a brilliant choice for those who spend considerable time sitting on the bed's edge.

Provides a luxury firm feel, offering stable support for back sleepers. The right amount of give relieves pressure points, ensuring restful sleep.

Our Recommendation

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- You prefer an extremely firm mattress.

- You are on a tight budget.

- Minimal motion transfer is a top priority.


- You prioritize sustainability in your choices.

- You value a balanced feel with both comfort and support.

- Cooling features are important to you.

- You appreciate natural and organic materials.

- You want a mattress with a lengthy warranty.

- You are looking for a brand with excellent customer service.

Awara, known for its commitment to sustainability, introduces the Awara Hybrid Mattress—a pinnacle of eco-friendly luxury. The brand's dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in every layer of this mattress, crafted with natural and organic materials like natural latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. The Awara Hybrid combines plush comfort with firm support, catering to various sleep preferences and positions. Its innovative cooling technology ensures a consistently comfortable sleep temperature, making it an excellent choice for those who tend to sleep hot. The mattress's construction highlights a thoughtful combination of materials, contributing to its durability and resilience. Awara's focus on sustainability, coupled with the Awara Hybrid's overall comfort and performance, positions this mattress as a premier choice for those seeking a luxurious sleep experience that harmonizes with their commitment to a greener and more responsible lifestyle.

Get Awara Hybrid Mattress if...

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Awara Hybrid Mattress is made with sustainable and organic materials, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers.
  • Optimal Support and Comfort: The hybrid design of Awara Mattress combines coils and latex foam to provide excellent support and comfort, suitable for various sleep preferences.
  • Generous Trial Period: Awara offers a generous trial period, allowing customers to test the mattress at home and decide if it meets their sleep needs.

Skip Awara Hybrid Mattress if...

  • Firmness Level: Some users may find Awara Hybrid Mattress to be too firm, especially if they prefer a softer sleeping surface.
  • Price: Awara Hybrid Mattress is relatively expensive compared to other mattresses on the market, which may not fit everyone's budget.
  • Motion Transfer: While the hybrid design reduces motion transfer compared to traditional innerspring mattresses, some users may still experience disturbances from their sleep partner's movements.


  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Awara Hybrid Mattress is crafted with sustainable and organic materials, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers.
  • Excellent Support: The hybrid design combines coils and latex foam to offer optimal support, promoting proper spinal alignment and pressure relief.
  • Cooling Properties: Latex foam used in Awara Mattress has natural cooling properties, helping to regulate temperature and keep sleepers cool throughout the night.
  • Long-Term Durability: With high-quality materials and construction, Awara Hybrid Mattress is built to last, providing years of comfortable and supportive sleep.
  • Generous Trial Period and Warranty: Awara offers a generous trial period and warranty, allowing customers to try the mattress risk-free and providing peace of mind against defects.


  • Firmness Level: Some users may find Awara Hybrid Mattress to be too firm, especially if they prefer a softer sleeping surface.
  • Price: Awara Hybrid Mattress is relatively expensive compared to other mattresses on the market, which may not fit everyone's budget.
  • Potential Off-Gassing: Some users may experience off-gassing odors upon unboxing the mattress, although it typically dissipates within a few days.
  • Limited Edge Support: Awara Hybrid Mattress may have limited edge support, causing the perimeter of the mattress to compress when sitting or lying near the edges.
  • Motion Transfer: While the hybrid design reduces motion transfer compared to traditional innerspring mattresses, some users may still experience disturbances from their sleep partner's movements.

Comfort & Firmness

The Awara Hybrid Mattress offers an impeccable balance of comfort and firmness, creating a sleep surface that caters to a diverse range of preferences. With a luxurious feel that combines plush comfort and robust support, this mattress excels in providing a tailored experience for various sleep positions. Backed by the natural resilience of responsive latex and the support of pocketed coils, the Awara Hybrid ensures proper spinal alignment while embracing the body with a cushioning effect. Its medium-firm feel strikes a harmonious balance, making it an ideal choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers alike. The mattress adapts to the contours of the body, cradling without sinking, resulting in a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep for those seeking both comfort and support from their mattress.

Construction Key Points

The construction of the Awara Hybrid Mattress is meticulously engineered to provide a balance of support, comfort, and durability. At its core lies a layer of individually-wrapped coils, designed to offer targeted support and minimize motion transfer, ensuring a restful night's sleep. This is complemented by layers of natural Dunlop latex foam, sourced sustainably from organic rubber trees, providing responsive cushioning and temperature regulation. Additionally, a layer of organic wool acts as a natural flame barrier and offers added plushness, while the organic cotton cover enhances breathability and softness. Together, these thoughtfully selected materials and innovative construction techniques create a mattress that not only promotes proper spinal alignment and pressure relief but also prioritizes sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Sleep Temperature

The Awara Hybrid Mattress excels in maintaining an optimal sleep temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment for a restful night's sleep. Crafted with natural latex, renowned for its inherent breathability, and coupled with organic wool, the mattress actively dissipates heat, preventing it from accumulating and causing discomfort during the night. The combination of these materials promotes enhanced airflow, allowing for efficient heat regulation and creating a refreshing sleep surface. Additionally, the use of organic cotton in the cover adds a soft and breathable layer, contributing to the overall coolness of the mattress. The Awara Hybrid's commitment to temperature neutrality makes it particularly suitable for individuals who tend to sleep hot, providing a solution that goes beyond mere comfort by actively promoting a cool and comfortable sleep environment throughout the night. This emphasis on cooling features adds a valuable dimension to the mattress, enhancing the overall sleep experience for those who prioritize temperature regulation in their pursuit of a restful and rejuvenating sleep.


The Awara Hybrid Mattress boasts a thoughtfully crafted construction with layers designed to deliver a harmonious blend of comfort, support, and sustainability. At its core, the mattress features individually wrapped pocketed coils, offering targeted support to different areas of the body while minimizing motion transfer for undisturbed sleep. Over the coils, a layer of responsive Dunlop latex adds a buoyant and contouring feel, adapting to the body's natural curves. This combination of coils and latex ensures a supportive yet responsive sleep surface. The mattress further incorporates a layer of organic Dunlop latex, enhancing the overall comfort and aligning with Awara's commitment to eco-friendly materials. The top layer is adorned with a cover made from organic cotton and New Zealand wool, contributing to the mattress's breathability and plush surface. Each layer is meticulously selected to create a mattress that not only prioritizes comfort and support but also reflects Awara's dedication to sustainability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium and environmentally conscious sleep experience.

Back Support

The Awara Hybrid Mattress stands out for its exceptional back support, making it an optimal choice for those prioritizing spinal health during sleep. The mattress achieves this through its innovative combination of responsive Dunlop latex and individually wrapped pocketed coils. This dynamic duo provides targeted support to different areas of the body, promoting proper spinal alignment and mitigating pressure points. The latex layer cradles the body while maintaining a buoyant resilience, offering a supportive yet cushioning effect. Whether you're a back sleeper in need of lumbar support or an individual seeking relief from back pain, the Awara Hybrid's design aligns with the specific requirements of those valuing comprehensive back support. This commitment to spinal health distinguishes the Awara Hybrid as an ideal choice for individuals who prioritize not only plush comfort but also the fundamental aspect of a mattress that actively contributes to a healthy and well-supported back during sleep.

Sagging & Edge Support

The Awara Hybrid Mattress exhibits commendable durability, resisting sagging and offering robust edge support to maximize the usable sleep surface. The incorporation of individually wrapped pocketed coils plays a pivotal role in minimizing sagging, ensuring that the mattress maintains its structural integrity over time. This feature is particularly advantageous for prolonged mattress longevity and consistent comfort. Additionally, the mattress excels in providing reliable edge support, allowing sleepers to utilize the full width of the mattress without experiencing a noticeable decline in support near the edges. The reinforced edges contribute to the overall stability of the mattress, making it an excellent choice for couples or individuals who appreciate having a secure and supportive perimeter. Awara's focus on sagging resistance and edge support reflects their commitment to delivering a durable and resilient mattress that stands the test of time, providing a reliable and consistent sleep surface for years to come.

Motion Isolation

The Awara Hybrid Mattress excels in minimizing motion transfer, creating an optimal sleep environment for couples or individuals who share the bed. The individually wrapped pocketed coils, a key component of the mattress's design, work cohesively to isolate motion at its source. This innovative construction ensures that movements on one side of the mattress do not reverberate across the entire surface, contributing to a more peaceful and undisturbed sleep experience. While the Awara Hybrid may not completely eliminate motion transfer like some all-foam mattresses, it strikes a commendable balance by reducing disturbances to a level that is unlikely to disrupt the sleep of a partner. This feature caters to those who prioritize a tranquil sleep environment, allowing for uninterrupted rest without being affected by the movements of a co-sleeper. Awara's thoughtful consideration of motion isolation adds a valuable dimension to the mattress, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking harmony in their sleep space.

Cover Fabric Quality

The Awara Hybrid Mattress features a cover made from high-quality organic cotton and New Zealand wool, combining luxury with sustainability to enhance the overall sleep experience. The organic cotton contributes a soft and breathable surface, promoting a comfortable sleep environment. Its natural moisture-wicking properties add to the mattress's breathability, ensuring a cool and dry feel throughout the night. The New Zealand wool, known for its temperature-regulating abilities, complements the cover by providing an additional layer of coziness and insulation. Beyond its functional benefits, the cover fabric's quality is evident in its attention to detail, featuring a tufted design that adds an elegant touch to the mattress's aesthetic. Awara's choice of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship in the cover fabric aligns with their commitment to delivering not only exceptional comfort but also a visually and tactilely pleasing sleep surface, making it an inviting choice for those who appreciate the finer details of mattress quality.


The Awara Hybrid Mattress is engineered for enduring durability, setting a high standard for longevity in the mattress industry. The incorporation of high-quality materials plays a pivotal role in ensuring the mattress's robust construction withstands the test of time. The individually wrapped pocketed coils, known for their resilience, provide a strong and supportive foundation, minimizing the risk of sagging and maintaining structural integrity. The responsive Dunlop latex layer, recognized for its durability, adds to the mattress's longevity, showcasing resistance to wear and tear. This combination of durable components positions the Awara Hybrid as a reliable investment, capable of delivering consistent comfort and support over an extended lifespan. Awara's commitment to durability aligns with their dedication to sustainability, creating a mattress that not only stands as a testament to enduring quality but also reflects a conscientious approach to the longevity of sleep products, ensuring satisfaction and performance for years to come.

Commitment to Sustainability

Awara's Hybrid Mattress exemplifies an unwavering commitment to sustainability, positioning the brand as a frontrunner in eco-conscious sleep solutions. The mattress's core components, including natural latex, organic wool, and organic cotton, are meticulously sourced to align with environmentally friendly practices. Natural latex is derived from rubber trees in a sustainable manner, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem. The use of organic wool and organic cotton further underscores Awara's dedication to promoting responsible agricultural practices and reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. Beyond materials, Awara actively participates in reforestation initiatives, planting trees with every mattress purchase to offset carbon emissions. The brand's commitment extends to its packaging, incorporating recycled and recyclable materials to minimize environmental footprint. This holistic approach to sustainability sets Awara apart, providing consumers with not just a premium sleep experience but also an opportunity to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future through their mattress choice. Awara's dedication to sustainability permeates every aspect of their operations, making the Awara Hybrid Mattress an exceptional choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking both quality sleep and a positive impact on the planet.


The Awara Hybrid Mattress is backed by a comprehensive and transparent warranty, reflecting the brand's confidence in the quality and durability of their product. While specific details may vary, typical coverage includes protection against manufacturing defects and premature wear. The warranty often spans a considerable period, showcasing Awara's commitment to providing lasting value to their customers. During the warranty period, if the mattress exhibits issues covered under the terms, customers are entitled to repairs or, in some cases, a full replacement. Awara's warranty is designed to offer peace of mind, assuring customers of the brand's dedication to delivering a reliable and long-lasting sleep solution. The details and specific terms of the warranty are typically outlined in the product documentation, providing customers with clear information on the extent and conditions of the coverage, contributing to a positive and secure purchase experience.

Customer Service

Awara's commitment to exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of the brand's reputation. With a focus on creating a positive and seamless customer experience, Awara ensures that support is readily available at every stage of the customer journey. The brand's customer service team is known for its responsiveness, providing timely and helpful assistance to address inquiries, concerns, and even guidance in the mattress selection process. Awara's dedication extends beyond the point of sale, with consistent support provided throughout the entire ownership of the mattress, including assistance with warranty claims or any post-purchase queries. Positive customer reviews often highlight the brand's reliability, transparency, and genuine effort to prioritize customer satisfaction. This emphasis on attentive and reliable customer service aligns with Awara's commitment to creating lasting relationships with their customers, fostering trust, and contributing to an overall positive and reassuring experience for those choosing an Awara Hybrid Mattress.


In conclusion, the Awara Hybrid Mattress stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of luxury, sustainability, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Crafted with precision and incorporating premium materials such as natural latex, organic wool, and organic cotton, this mattress offers a sumptuous sleep experience while staying true to eco-conscious values. Its medium-firm feel strikes an ideal balance, appealing to a diverse range of sleep preferences and positions. Notably, the Awara Hybrid excels in providing exceptional back support, minimizing motion transfer, and offering robust edge support. Beyond its impressive performance, Awara's commitment to sustainability is commendable, evident in their use of eco-friendly materials, reforestation initiatives, and responsible packaging practices. The comprehensive warranty and attentive customer service further solidify the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction. While not the most budget-friendly option, the Awara Hybrid Mattress emerges as a premium choice for those seeking a luxurious and environmentally responsible sleep solution, embodying the ethos of a brand that values both quality sleep and the well-being of the planet.

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What makes Awara unique?

Awara stands out for its commitment to sustainability, using natural and organic materials in its mattresses.

How does Awara regulate sleep temperature?

The Awara Hybrid actively regulates sleep temperature through the use of natural latex and breathable materials, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Can Awara help with back pain?

Yes, the Awara Hybrid Mattress provides reliable back support, promoting proper spinal alignment and potentially alleviating back pain.

What is Awara's trial period and warranty?

Details on the trial period and warranty can be found in the product documentation. Awara typically offers a generous trial period and a comprehensive warranty.

Does Awara offer free delivery?

Free delivery may be available depending on the retailer and promotional offers. Check with the specific retailer for details.

Is Awara environmentally friendly?

Yes, Awara is environmentally friendly, using natural and organic materials in its mattresses and actively participating in sustainable initiatives.

How does Awara's pricing compare to other brands?

Awara's pricing may be competitive with other premium brands, considering the use of high-quality materials and sustainable practices.

Can Awara mattresses be used with adjustable bases?

Yes, Awara mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, providing flexibility in sleep positions.

Is Awara's customer service reliable?

Yes, Awara has a reputation for reliable customer service, offering assistance and support throughout the customer's journey.

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