Winkbeds Mattress Review

Updated May, 2020
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If you're looking for the best combination of cooling, comfort and expert engineering, then WinkBeds is the brand for you.

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Bottom Line

WinkBeds pairs cooling, comfort, and solid engineering. The end result is an incredible, comforting night's sleep with long-lasting support. Their recently launched bed-in-a-box has 4-comfort levels for all sleep styles.  
They're made in America, have free shipping, and offer a generous 120-night trial and rare, life-time warranty.  
If you enjoy the idea of a hybrid mattress with a comfort, plush foam top and sturdy, well-engineered coils below,  WinkBeds is an incredible pick in 2019. →

Customer Reviews

87 out of 92 found the following review helpful
Back pain gone!!!
"After trying two other expensive mattresses (one name brand, other adjustable air mattress), my back pain was still not relieved. After the first week of sleeping on my Winkbed, my back pain is gone. Truly thankful for this bed."


+ Luxury hybrid built for longevity
+ Made in America w/ a life-time warranty
+ Delivered to your door w/ white-glove option
+ Heavy sleepers should checkout the Winkbeds PLUS


- Not ideal if you're a memory foam lover
- Higher price point than other luxury mattresses in it's category

Get Winkbeds if..

You need a mattress that targets your pain points. WinkBeds does a fairly incredible job accommodating your pressure areas. Their 4-comfort levels work ideally for all sleep positions, including side, back and stomach.

Your partner moves a lot at night. Even though WinkBeds isn't memory foam, they're still one of the best hybrids for motion isolation in 2019. You'll barely feel your partner shift at night.

You need great edge support. WinkBeds spares no expense creating sturdy edges that accommodate many hours of pressure at a time. If you plan on sitting on the edge of your bed for long periods of time, Winkbeds is one of the best mattresses for this.

You like traditional innerspring mattresses. WinkBeds has 5-zoned tempered steel springs that are built to last (which is why WinkBeds has a lifetime warranty).

Skip Winkbeds if..

You prefer the feeling of memory foam. WinkBeds don't sink like you might expect of a memory foam mattress.

You want a mattress with a bit of bounce.  Even though WinkBeds use steel springs, there is minimal bounce or motion transfer.


WinkBeds has 4 different comfort levels to suit any preference. With the same cooling comfort, no matter the firmness.

Comfort & Firmness

The WinkBeds mattress is available in 4 different comfort levels:

  • Softer – 4.5 on the 1-10 comfort scale. Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Luxury firm – 6.5 on the 1-10 comfort scale.
  • Firmer – 7.5 on the 1-10 comfort scale.
  • Plus – 8 on the 1-10 comfort scale. Designed for heavier individuals who still want the comfort of a very firm, but never hard, mattress.

Read more about WinkBeds' comfort levels, HERE ➜

Sleep Temperature

WinkBeds' triple-layer Heat Disperse technology wicks away body heat. Ensuring a cool, comfortable night's sleep.


WinkBeds mattresses consist of 3 layers:  
Euro Pillow-Top Layer - Cushioned muscle tension relief. Supports all major pressure points. With gel-infused HyperSoft foam that wicks away body heat.  
Lumbar Layer - The lumber layer provides support to your lower back. Reduced tension & stress in this area leads to a well-rested sleep.  
5-Zoned Temper Support Springs Layer - Ensures individualized support for neck, shoulders, hips, and back.


Back Support

The foam lumbar layer found in the WinkBeds mattresses stabilizes the lower back. This makes for optimal spinal support, as well as relief from pesky pressure points.  
WinkBeds knows that misalignment happens often in the lower back. This feature corrects that problem.   
Read more about WinkBeds' spine health, HERE ➜

WinkBeds is designed for ultimate spinal relief thanks to their 3-stage BackRelief™ system. The 5-zone tempered support springs contour to your body giving much needed pressure relief to your back, neck, hips, and spine.

Sagging & Edge Support

WinkBeds uses proprietary Extra-Edge sag support to eliminate sagging and sinking. The edges of all WinkBeds mattresses will remain firm thanks to this technology. You can sit on the edge of your bed for hours, if you wanted.

Motion Isolation

The foam gel layer above the springs of the mattress stabilizes the motion of the bed. This means you will not be disturbed if your partner is having trouble sleeping.

Get $300 off

If you're looking for the best combination of cooling, comfort and expert engineering, then WinkBeds is the brand for you.

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WinkBeds is designed for durability. Lasting up to 20 years or more with normal use, this mattress may be the last mattress you buy for a long time.

Cover Fabric Quality

WinkBeds uses a Tencel material cover. A soft, cooling, absorbent, and all-natural material.

Is It Flippable?

Because of its construction, your mattress should never be flipped. WinkBeds does recommend that you rotate your mattress every 6 months.

Coil Count & Steel Gauge (thickness)


WinkBeds mattresses are quiet despite their springs. The motion isolation technology also makes this bed quiet as a whisper when getting in and out.


WinkBeds are very durable, with only 2% sag over 20 years under normal use.

Can I Use It w/ Adjustable Base?

You can use your WinkBed mattress with any type of bed platform or frame. They are compatible with adjustable bed bases.

Size & Price

Size, Dimensions & Price

Twin XL
Cal King
38" x 75"
38" x 80"
54" x 75"
60" x 80"
76" x 80"
72" x 84"

Height (thickness)

When fully set up, every WinkBeds mattress stands 14" tall.

Customer Service

Customer Service

WinkBeds has an exceptional customer service team. You can call in anytime between 10 am - 7 pm EST. You can also email or use the on-site chat support anytime.

Delivery & Setup

You can have your bed-in-a-box delivered free right to your door and set it up yourself.

Or for $99 more, WinkBeds offers white glove deliver and set-up.

Sleep Trial

WinkBeds gives a generous 120-night sleep trial for their mattresses.

Returns & Exchanges

You have ~120 nights to decide that WinkBeds is right for you. If not, return it for free. WinkBeds also offers a 50% discount to those who would like to exchange for a different comfort level.


Every mattress purchased from WinkBeds is covered by a lifetime warranty. If there are any defects with your mattress, they will replace it.

Get $300 off

If you're looking for the best combination of cooling, comfort and expert engineering, then WinkBeds is the brand for you.

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Made in USA?

Every WinkBeds mattress is handmade by teams in Watertown, Wisconsin. Every part of the production process is conducted in the US.

Business Age

Winkbeds has been in business for 4 years. They currently have an A+ rating with the BBB.


WinkBeds provides mattresses of varying firmness to bring comfortable sleep to all. Choose between softer, luxury firm, firm and plus firmness to suit your needs. Each mattress is bolstered by 5-zone tempered support springs to provide great spinal support. No matter how you sleep, WinkBeds has a mattress for your preference.  
WinkBeds mattresses are great for those who want a silent, motionless sleep. Proprietary cooling and stabilizing technology ensures a great rest. These mattresses are durable, lasting 20 years or more. Each is backed with a lifetime warranty.  
If you're looking for a bed to last, your search should end with WinkBeds. →

Get $300 off

If you're looking for the best combination of cooling, comfort and expert engineering, then WinkBeds is the brand for you.

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