Helix Mattress Review

Updated May, 2020
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Looking for a high quality hybrid bed with amazing pressure relief & contouring properties? Helix is the bed for you.

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Bottom Line

Helix is value hybrid brand built on choice, customization, and overall value.  
Their luxury hybrid mattress is built to last 10+ years, with great pressure relief & body contouring properties.  
Helix beds are made in America w/ fast, free shipping. They offer a 100-night sleep trial backed by a 10-year warranty.  
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Customer Reviews

109 out of 113 found the following review helpful
Absolutely Great Mattress!
"I was skeptical that a “bed in a box” would live up to the hype. But the Helix Dusk is the real deal. It’s incredible how it both soft and fluffy at the top surface and also firm and supportive below. I sleep so comfortably on it on my sides, back and even stomach. Very happy overall with our purchase of this great mattress."


+ APR financing w/ Klarna & Zibby
+ Variety of mattresses for all sleep styles
+ Bed-in-a-box design w/ free delivery
+ Individually wrapped coil layer adapt to your body shape


- No white-glove delivery
- Prefer an all foam mattress

Get Helix if...

You're on a budget. Helix keeps their prices affordable for all budgets w/ financing available.

You & your partner have different sleep preferences. The individually wrapped coils contour & support you while you sleep.

You want real customization. Choose from 6 different sleep options.

You support American-made. All Helix mattresses are made in the USA.

Skip Helix if...

You want an all-foam mattress. If you dislike the idea of a pocket coil mattress, Helix may not be for you.


Helix's Dusk model is a 6 on a 1-10 firmness scale. A medium-firm comfort level that accommodates most sleep styles well, making it very popular.

Comfort & Firmness

The Dusk model uses latex-like foams that respond to pain points well & is designed for serious pressure relief.  At the base, Helix's Dusk is built with pocket coils that do a great job maintaining healthy contour and responsiveness. If you sleep in multiple positions, the Dusk if your ideal pick.

Here are Helix's 6 models in a single list to help you decide which might be best for you.

● Sunset – Pressure-relieving soft feel. Great for side sleepers.
● Moonlight – Body contouring with a soft feel. Great for back & stomach sleepers.
● Midnight – Pressure-relieving medium feel. Great for side sleepers.
● Dusk – Body contouring medium feel. Great for back & stomach sleepers.
● Twilight – Pressure-relieving firm feel. Great for side sleepers.
Dawn – Body contouring firm feel. Great for back & side sleepers

Sleep Temperature

All Helix models perform extremely well with cooling & temperature control. Their coil base gets great airflow, and their dual-cover design wicks moisture away from your body.


Helix's Dusk has 4 main layers.

Top Layer - their top layer is built with their proprietary Dynamic Foam. This foam contours extremely well to your body, with a latex-like feel & responsive bounce.

Transitionary Support - this layer is made with high-grade polyfoam that serves as a middle layer between their top latex-like foams & pocket coil support.

Spring Support - this innerspring layer is the coil-foundation of a Felix, with reinforced edges & fantastic motion isolated (from individual pocketed coils). Helix's coil base does a fantastic job gently placing your spine in neutral, healthy alignment.

Foam Base - Helix's DuraDense support serves as a foam-foundation to the overall structure of their mattress. This final layers adds an extra supportive and comfort element to the bed that increase comfort & longevity over time.


Back Support

Their unique Dynamic Foam layers w/ different densities do a fantastic job creating the right sleep environment for ideal pressure relief yet contoured full-body support.

Helix mattresses are specially designed for upper, lower, and general back support.

Sagging & Edge Support

Since Helix is a hybrid mattress, their individual coils prevent sagging & extend toward the perimeter for added reinforced support.

Motion Isolation

Even though Helix is a hybrid spring design, they combine the right layers & densities to greatly limit motion transfer.

Get Up To $200 Off

Looking for a high quality hybrid bed with amazing pressure relief & contouring properties? Helix is the bed for you.

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Helix mattresses are built to last 10 years. Their hybrid build prevents sagging and has incredible edge support.

Cover Fabric Quality

Helix's cover uses a Soft Touch Design that lightly stretches across all sides of their mattress. This allows great airflow and a smooth, soft sleep surface.

Is It Flippable?

Helix is not flippable.

Coil Count & Steel Gauge (thickness)


Even with a coil support base, the Helix is virtually noise-free.


The Helix is built to last 10 years w/ normal use.

Can I Use It w/ Adjustable Base?

Helix works well with any adjustable base, including their own. Helix's adjustable base uses Zero-G & memory settings, head & foot adjustability, and 3D-Wave massage tech.

Size & Price

Size, Dimensions & Price

Twin XL
Cal King
38" x 75"
38" x 80"
54" x 75"
60" x 80"
76" x 80"
72" x 84"

Height (thickness)

All of Helix's standard mattress stand 12" tall.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Helix has helpful customer support which can be reached in 3 ways. Chat support is available everyday from 10 am - 6pm ET. You can contact them by email or schedule a phone call with a support specialist.

Delivery & Setup

Helix is a bed in a box mattress. Simple setup instructions are included in their packaging.

Sleep Trial

Helix offers a fairly standard 100-day sleep trial. If you're not in love with your Helix after 30 days, they offer free returns with a full refund.

Returns & Exchanges

You can return your Helix mattress at no cost between 30-100 days upon delivery. Helix does not accept returns before 30 days or after 100 days.


Every Helix Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

Get Up To $200 Off

Looking for a high quality hybrid bed with amazing pressure relief & contouring properties? Helix is the bed for you.

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Made in USA?

Helix Mattresses are made in America.

Business Age

Helix has been in business for 3 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB.


Helix's quiz is a great starting point if you're in the market for a new mattress and want some guidance. Their mattresses are built from industry expert feedback and AI. The ultimate goal? Matching you with your ideal mattress, every time.  
Their varied options & supportive coil & latex-like foam make them an incredible choice in 2019.  
Take 5 minutes toward finding your perfect sleep online & visit their quiz, HERE ➜

Get Up To $200 Off

Looking for a high quality hybrid bed with amazing pressure relief & contouring properties? Helix is the bed for you.

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